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How to Unlock a Locked Steering Wheel

One of the most common issues that car owners face is a locked steering wheel. This means that when you go to start your car and you notice that your wheel is locked and your key is not turned, it is possible to correct the issue on your own. There are a few tips that trained and professional locksmiths use that can be helpful when you are dealing with a locked steering wheel. Unlocking a locked steering wheel is not always easy, but it is manageable if you know a few of the helpful tips and tricks that really work.

Steering Wheel

Here is the best way that you can unlock a locked steering wheel:

It is a Locked Steering Wheel

You need to make sure that you are dealing with a locked steering wheel before you begin using any of the following tips or tricks. The only way that a locked steering wheel is the problem is if your steering wheel will not move at all. When your steering wheel is locked this can prevent your key from turning the ignition. However, if your steering wheel will move, then you will not be able to correct the issue using the following tips or tricks.

Turn Wheel

The first thing that you need to do when you are looking to give your steering wheel the ability to turn is to turn the wheel in the direction that feels the most springy. This means that there will be a direction that the wheel wants to spring back to, this is the direction that you should turn it to slightly. Just be sure that you are not pulling it in this direction too hard. You only want to use a little bit of force. You can then turn the key with normal pressure. Just be sure that you do not turn the key too hard because you do not want to break it off in the ignition. This will result in another set of problems. This should correct the issue and you should be able to turn your key.

If turning your wheel slightly in the right direction does not work to unlock the steering wheel, you might have a problem with the cylinder. This is not something that you can fix easily. This means that you might require the services of a skilled and trained locksmith pro that has experience in dealing with locked steering wheels.