Are you looking for the bestselling motorcycle brands?

There are numerous fans for motorcycle brands and each person has its own preferences. When it comes to the performance, brand, design or any other factors, the motorcycle has different aspects, so it becomes popular among the riders in the world. When you look for the best-selling motorcycle, there are top lists available that help you choose the best brand depends upon your own interest. When you consider the factors of performance and speed, the Japanese motorcycle brands are a greater choice to select from. There are lots of Japanese manufacturers available to offer the motorcycles such as Aprilia, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda.


Generally, not all the riders are looking for a horsepower speed rather they prefer to have the super sport bikes. Usually, these riders like to enjoy the motorcycles because of various reasons. This will highly attract the motorcycle enthusiasts and has a favorite ride as well as the best riding experience. Even most of the classic brands motorcycles can represent the best history to offer. However, this is most common among the manufacturers and they surprise the motorcycle fans by introducing a lot of latest and retro styled motorcycles.

List of top 10 best-selling motorcycle brands

In fact, the motorcycles always bring you a comfort and luxury feel to the riders than cars. Nowadays, people are spending a lot of money for buying a bike and also very passionate about the mountain biking and road trips, so they wish to buy the motorcycles depend upon their needs. They also have an own bike clubs based on the brand of a bike that they own. However, the cost of a motorcycle may vary depends upon the quality of an engine used, the designs and the tyres of a vehicle. If you are a motorcycle enthusiastic, here are the lists of top 10 best-selling motorcycle brands that include,

  1. Kawasaki
  2. Honda
  3. BMW
  4. Yamaha
  5. Ducati
  6. Triumph
  7. Moto Guzzi
  8. Harley Davidson
  9. Suzuki
  10. Victory

These are all the top lists of best selling motorcycle brands over the past few years and there was a huge demand in buying these bikes among the youngsters. All these major brands have introduced a feature of self cancelling turn signal solution in the popular brand motorcycles. Therefore, these motorcycle brands are definitely world class and can be believed by the riders without any doubt.